Hospital and Doctor Negligence

An expectant mother’s healthcare team must take care to note her complaints, symptoms and condition at appointment.  Pregnancy is fraught with the potential for dangerous complications.  Those complications, when timely identified, can be addressed and remedied.  If ignored or missed, the mother or the baby may be left with permanent injuries.

Failure to Diagnose Injuries

The first type of medical malpractice is failure to timely diagnose.  Obstetricians, nurses, radiologists and even office receptionists must pay attention to the complaints and condition of their patients.  Doctors often rush through appointments without writing everything down, performing proper and complete examinations, or asking the right questions.

Doctors who operate without complete information, who ignore information presented by their patients, or who do not have the education, experience or training to identify problems during pregnancy are responsible for injuries caused by those failures.  For mothers and their babies, these injuries can be severe.

Failure to Treat Injuries

Once medical complications are identified, doctors must ensure that they provide treatment according to the accepted standard of care.  The law requires doctors to use reasonable care when treating their patients.  We have worked with hundreds of medical experts to help identify the care required in countless medical situations.  Doctors may fail to properly treat medical conditions for any number of reasons—inexperience, mistake, and failures in the chain of command, to list a few.

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