About Family Doctor Negligence

Family doctors do not have the specialized training that board-certified obstetricians have.  As a result, they are not equipped to handle many situations that arise during pregnancy, labor and delivery.  They must know their limitations, and are required to refer expectant mothers to obstetricians when they are outmatched.  Failure to do so can cause permanent and catastrophic birth injury to the baby.

Choosing a Family Doctor for Delivery

Some expectant parents choose their family doctor to deliver their baby.  This may be because of a close relationship to the doctor, or because the family lives in a small town with few obstetricians.  Family doctors are able to handle to uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries.

Family Doctor Negligence

Family doctors must know their limitations.  They have an obligation to refer the expectant mother to a qualified obstetrician, particularly in these high-risk situations:

Family doctors, like obstetricians, must be able to anticipate expected birth complications like shoulder dystocia.  Because shoulder dystocia and other medical complications can occur without any warning, family doctors are expected to perform with the same degree of care as obstetricians.

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