About Medical Provider Negligence

Medical providers take an oath to do no harm, and must use their education, experience and skill to take care of the mother and the unborn baby during pregnancy, labor and delivery.  They are obligated to comply with what is called the standard of care.  That means that these health care providers must act as other reasonable health care providers would act in similar situations.  When they fail to follow the standard of care, which is taught during medical school, nursing school, and on-the-job training, life-altering injuries can occur.  Most birth injury claims include one or more of the following:

Obstetrician lawsuits

Obstetricians are the leaders and managers of medical treatment for pregnant women and their unborn babies.  They must guide treatment and evaluation by radiologists, nurses, anesthesiologists, and sometimes even midwives.  This major responsibility should not be taken lightly, because babies and mothers in their care can suffer because of negligent decision-making.

Hospital and obstetrical nurse lawsuits

Nurses are the first line of defense during labor and delivery—obstetrical nurses are typically the ones responsible for the minute-by-minute monitoring of the mother and baby.  They are the ones who must notify the obstetrician when anything unusual or dangerous occurs—particularly signs of fetal distress.  Modern nurses are not mere servants of the obstetrician, but have a separate duty to their patients.  They cannot blindly follow obstetrician orders, but must make their own evaluation and seek assistance through the chain of command if the obstetrician ignores a medical problem.

Anesthesiologist lawsuits

The majority of births use some kind of anesthesia, whether an epidural or general anesthesia.  These drugs carry certain inherent risks, but those risks are magnified when the anesthesia is incorrectly administered.

Birth center and midwife lawsuits

Many women seek natural births, sometimes away from the tubes and cords of a hospital delivery.  In many cases, women can have those types of deliveries.  Midwives and birth centers have an obligation to carefully screen their patients, warn them about the risks associated with a birth center or midwife delivery, and have emergency protocols in place.

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