Failing to Prevent, Diagnose, or Treat Birth Injuries

Obstetricians, nurses and other doctors who treat pregnant women have at least two patients—the mother and the unborn child.  Some medical conditions are common and some are rare, but they are all taught in medical school, written about in the medical literature, and the mother’s health care team must be prepared to deal with any emergency that arises.

doctor with stethoscopeOur law firm concentrates on birth injury cases, and has extensive experience in the following medical malpractice lawsuits:

        • Uterine Rupture Birth Injuries:  There are many risk factors for uterine rupture, which is a tear in the wall of the uterus that can lead to death of the baby or mother, cerebral palsy, or developmental delays.  Doctors must be ready to act quickly to identify and treat this life-threatening situation.
        • Prolapsed Umbilical Cord Injuries:  Though relatively uncommon, this emergency medical situation is the result of an umbilical cord that is pinched by the baby during labor, which blocks the baby’s lifeline to oxygen and nutrients.  It can cause the death of the baby, cerebral palsy or other brain injuries.
        • Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP):  Babies can lose their eyesight very quickly, particularly if they are born premature and have abnormal development of blood vessels in their eyes.  Properly identified and treated, they can have normal or near-normal eyesight.  Time is of the essence, however.
        • Hypothermia Therapy: Treatment & Negligence:  Hypothermia therapy in newborns who experience birth asphyxia, the deprivation of blood and oxygen close to birth, is an important way to minimize future brain injury and even to prevent death. It involves keeping a baby cool for a period of time after birth.

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Every medical problem must be timely identified and treated.  Without proper precautions, even minor medical problems can have serious long-term consequences.   If you believe that your doctors or nurses failed to recognize or treat you or your baby during pregnancy, labor or delivery, contact our medical malpractice law firm at (855) 712-7818, or send us an online message for a free consultation.  We can help you find answers.

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