About Folic Acid Disorder Lawsuits

Folic acid is a vitamin necessary before conception and in the early stages of pregnancy for prevention of folic acid disorders in their babies.  The CDC recommends that women take 400 micrograms of folic acid every day.  These folic acid disorders include Neural Tube Disorder (NTD), premature birth and miscarriage.

Types of Folic Acid Disorders

Folic Acid Disorders common in newborn babies include:

    • Spina bifida:  Some babies with spina bifida are stillborn or die shortly after birth.  The degree of spina bifida often depends on the location of the spinal injury.    Some people with spina bifida can learn to walk with assistance, while others will be wheelchair-bound for their entire lives.  They will need costly therapy for the first few years of their lives.  In most cases, these babies have normal mental development.
    • Cleft lip and palate:  a gap, typically in the upper lip.  It is easily correctible with surgery.
    • Heart defects


    • There are about 3,000 pregnancies complicated by neural tube defects every year in the United States
    • The March of Dimes estimates that as many as 70% of all Folic Acid Disorders could be prevented with sufficient amounts of folic acid.

Medical Malpractice Causing Folic Acid Disorders

By the time a folic acid disorder is detected, it is usually too late to prevent the injury.  That is why doctors must inform their patients of the importance of folic acid, and must regularly discuss the importance of that vitamin and determine whether their patients have a sufficient folic acid intake.  Most women should take folic acid supplements before and during pregnancy.

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