Pursuing a Birth Injury Lawsuit

Parents of children injured at birth are in a difficult position—even though they know that their child has unexpected physical or mental injuries, and even though they may suspect that their child’s injuries may be due to hospital or doctor negligence, they are often too busy to investigate legal options.  Caring for a child with birth injuries is an expensive and full-time job, and it does not leave time for much else.

Not only do parents have little time to investigate their claims, but they are usually uncertain about what it means to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit—what are the steps, what happens if the case is won, what happens if the case is lost, to name a few.  For these reasons, parents often delay investigating the causes of their child’s birth injury.

This section of our website is devoted to giving parents an idea of what is involved in a birth injury medical malpractice investigation and lawsuit.  Every state is different, but all states share common principles that govern medical malpractice cases.  Most medical malpractice lawsuits that we file end up settling before trial, but we have a proven track record of trial victories.

How to pay for your lawyer

It’s easy—you never pay us a penny.  We work on what is called a contingency fee—this means that we take all of the financial risk of your lawsuit, and only get paid at the end if your case is successful.  You don’t pay to meet with us, you don’t pay us a retainer, and you don’t pay us hourly.  We pay all expenses, which in a birth injury case can be $250,000 to $500,000 on average.  If there is no recovery, you never have to pay those costs back.  Summed up, there is no financial risk to you.

What you need to know about pursuing a birth injury medical malpractice case

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Whether you file a medical malpractice claim or not, the most important thing is to know what your options and rights are.  If you think your child may have cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, or some other type of birth injury because of medical malpractice, the best way to find out is to ask a lawyer.  Your doctors may not be honest with you.  Our lawyers have expert doctors and nurses from around the country who will help to review your child’s records and tell you what really happened in the delivery room.  Contact us at (855) 712-7818 or online for a free consultation.

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