Government Services For Disabled Children

Parents and caregivers of children with disabilities quickly learn to navigate the bureaucracy of governmental services in their never-ending search for better care, more services, and an improved quality of life for their children.  They become advocates for their children at every level—federal government, state government, and county schools.

Particularly for new parents, the eligibility requirements for these services can be confusing.  Here is a quick guide to help determine the first steps, and to understand what benefits are available:

            • Section 504 PlansSection 504 prohibits discrimination based on disability, and parents can use its provision to get their children evaluated and to press for educational accommodations, like more time to take tests.
            • Individualized Education Program (IEP)Children with disabilities are entitled to a free public education.  Children may require intensive educational services, and these schools must work with parents to ensure that a child’s educational goals are clearly stated and services specifically outlined.
            • MedicareThough generally for retired adults over 65, Medicare can pay for medical services for some children and adults with disabilities.
            • Social SecurityThe Social Security Administration offers two programs, SSI and SSDI, which can provide monthly payments (sometimes even before the application is considered) to children with disabilities.

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