Chorioamnionitis and Its Risk to Mothers

Chorioamnionitis and Its Risk to MothersWe’re talking about an infection that starts in the mother and progresses to the baby. So it can be pretty limited. It can be limited to the urinary tract infection that we talked about, the vaginitis. But in certain cases, probably because of the same mediated response that occurs in […]

Chorioamnionitis and Its Risk to Babies

Chorioamnionitis and Its Risk to BabiesWe’ve already talked about the risk of sepsis. Sepsis can certainly occur in chorioamnionitis. And the ultimate risk of sepsis to the baby, and unfortunately is very common, is fetal loss, fetal demise, or miscarriage. More likely or more frequently is the phenomena of chorioamnionitis and funisitis. And there are […]

The Different Grades of Chorioamnionitis

The Different Grades of ChorioamnionitisThe different grades of chorioamnionitis in general depend on the degree of penetration of the bacteria. It’s also associated with the risk. So the deeper the penetration in general, the higher the risk. What happens is bacteria and products of inflammation and infection initially are in the maternal side of the […]

Risk Factors for Shoulder Dystocia

Big babies are more at risk for shoulder dystocia and brachial plexus injury than smaller babies. Medical research has shown that the larger the baby is, 10 pounds, 11 pounds, the more likely the baby is to be at risk for shoulder dystocia and the more likely that the baby’s going to be injured during […]