Screening for Jaundice with Dermal Monitoring

Jaundice can be a life-altering condition for babies, causing brain damage, hearing loss, cerebral palsy or even death. It is fairly common, occurring in about 60% of all births. Jaundice results in an excess of bilirubin in the blood, which the baby’s liver cannot remove quickly enough. When bilirubin levels get too high, it collects […]

Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

On the heels of another study, which may indicate that cerebral palsy may be influenced to some degree by genetic factors in addition to environmental factors, comes another study which may give hope to parents of children who are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Early Diagnosis A significant problem in the treatment of children with cerebral […]


A new investigation is underway to determine whether Cannabidiol can help to treat children who suffered from oxygen deprivation near birth. Cannabidiol is one of many chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. The United Kingdom-based pharmaceutical company GW Pharmaceuticals has secured permission from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to investigate Cannabidiol treatments. GW Pharmaceuticals […]

Medical Errors can Lead to Brain Injuries for Large Babies

Studies have shown that large babies have a higher rate of complications that can lead certain to, fetal, neonatal, infant, and long-term injuries and disabilities. One of the greatest concerns associated with high birth weight is the increased risk of brain damage due to complications during delivery. Cerebral palsy, developmental delays, speech impediments, learning disabilities, […]