Epidural Mistakes

According to a 2008 data collected by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 61% of women who delivered babies vaginally had epidural or spinal injections for pain relief. An epidural involves a catheter placed into the epidural space (between epidural column and outer membrane of the spinal cord), which can permit a constant infusion […]

Expected Legal Fees for a Birth Injury Case

Parents looking into making a birth injury claim often have questions about how it all works. Most people, fortunately, have never been through the civil legal system. Although it’s not something we would wish on anyone, it does make the first time somewhat nerve-racking. Reasons to Hire a Lawyer While it may be possible to […]

Medical Errors can Lead to Brain Injuries for Large Babies

Studies have shown that large babies have a higher rate of complications that can lead certain to, fetal, neonatal, infant, and long-term injuries and disabilities. One of the greatest concerns associated with high birth weight is the increased risk of brain damage due to complications during delivery. Cerebral palsy, developmental delays, speech impediments, learning disabilities, […]