Adaptive Gear for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy, which is sometimes the result of a birth injury, is the most commonly occurring motor disability disorder of childhood in the United States. However, if parents of two children with cerebral palsy were to compare notes, they might find that although their children have received the same broad diagnosis, they face unique challenges […]

Living with a Special Needs Child

Adjusting to life with a child who suffered a birth injury depends, to a large extent, on how much damage was sustained. Some children are able to lead a near-normal life with minimal adjustments, while others with moderate to severe injuries face bigger challenges from their brain damage and/or physical disabilities. These children may require […]

Exercises for Children with Disabilities

Summertime can be especially challenging for families of children with special needs. School is out and therapy hours are curtailed, leaving the youngsters with extra time on their hands. Children with disabilities cannot be bundled off to just any recreation program. Appropriate activities and exercises need to be carefully planned to accommodate their special needs […]

Hypothermia Therapy: New Information

Hypothermia therapy has been progressing for a number a years (since 2006) —the theory is that applying cooling techniques to a baby who suffered brain damage because of limited oxygen or reduced blood flow at birth can reduce the death of brain cells, and create a better outcome.  A new study gives us more information […]